Board & Staff

Critical Explorers was incorporated in 2006 and received its 501 (c) (3) non-profit status in 2007. The five members of its active board of directors are researchers and practitioners in curriculum and pedagogy and have long experience in schools. Its advisory board includes experts in community development and in education, including research, teacher education, school reform, and child and adolescent development.

Board of Directors:

Eleanor Duckworth, President

Susan Jean Mayer, Vice President

Chris Lowry, Treasurer

Scott Barksdale

Lisa Schneier

Collaborating Teachers:

Lynn Brown (Slavery & Reconstruction)

Kathy Drew (Industrial Revolution)

Ellen Fitanides (Greek & Persian Wars)

Lynette Goulet (Greek & Persian Wars)

Kerri Lorigan (Greek & Persian Wars)

Lisa McDonagh (Greek & Persian Wars)


Alythea McKinney, Founder and Executive Director


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