Teacher Resources

We offer free online curricular resources for each investigation.
These include high-resolution primary materials, questions and activities, student responses, teacher narratives, and more.

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Read and respond to reflections from the CE community.
“How can educators create curriculum that changes as students and teachers engage it — curriculum that engages students and all their varied observations and ideas?”

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Classroom Residencies

Our investigations originate in collaboration with teachers.
We assist collaborating teachers in their classrooms for several weeks to several months. During this time, we find captivating materials…

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Featured investigations

  • Industrial Revolution

    These teacher resources will be available online in 2016. For resources available now, see Slavery & Reconstruction.

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  • Slavery & Reconstruction

    Explore Reconstruction, as well as its preludes and aftermath, through paintings, diaries, maps, editorial cartoons, and more.

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  • Greek & Persian Wars

    These teacher resources will be available online soon. For teacher resources available now, see Slavery and Reconstruction.

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